Vendor Information | Spiritualution Concert Gathering

Vendor Information

We invite vendors with life-enriching, sustainable, creative, nurturing, wholesome products and foods that contribute to creating the future we all want to see the next seven generations thrive in. All vendors are recognized on our event website. Also, throughout the event, vendors will be promoted actively from the stage at key times.

We recognize your vital role in the success of this event and have kept our vendor rates low and as a bonus offer free camping to participating vendors.

Vendor fees are as follows:

  • $40 - Nonprofit organizations
  • $60 - Arts & Crafts, Beverage, and Other Goods (may also include beverage and vendors who offer pre-packaged food products*)
  • $75 - Full Service Food Vendors*

*Food and Beverage vendors are required to obtain a temporary food permit from Yavapai County and must meet all county health regulations. Food trucks are welcome!

Download the Special Event License Application Package for Food or Beverage Vendors at

Free Camping and Concert Attendance

Participating vendors will receive a maximum of 2 nights FREE camping (Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5) and FREE concert attendance for up to 2 people. NOTE: Any additional people in your vendor crew will need to pay the full price of camping and concert attendance according to their age.

Vendor Guidelines

We are committed to minimizing impact of the gathering on the environment. In the spirit of sustainability, we request there be no Styrofoam used at the festival. As a vendor we ask that you please do not package your items in Styrofoam, or use Styrofoam cups or containers. We will provide compost bins for bio-degradable products and food in the vendor area. We will also provide recycling bins for glass, aluminum, approved plastics and cardboard in the vendor area.

We are a non-alcoholic, non-drug, family event. We do not accept Vendors with dark art, heavy metal art, or drug paraphernalia at our events. We reserve the right to withhold vendor approval subject to our review.

Full payment of vending fees is required prior to set-up and is non-refundable.