Spiritualution Concert Gathering | Sedona, Arizona | May 5, 2018
Spiritualution Gathering 2018

On May 5, 2018 Experience Spiritual Unity Through Music, Yoga & Ceremony

Spiritualution Gathering 2018

A Sacred Gathering to Pray for the Return of the Promised One of All Religions

Spiritualution Gathering 2018

A Cosmic Family Gathering Celebrating the Transformative Power of Unity

Spiritualution Gathering 2018

Featuring the Spiritual Music of Master Musician TaliasVan & The Bright & Morning Star Band

Spiritualution Gathering 2018

Join in this Spiritual Gathering on the Sacred Grounds of Camp Avalon

"I personally invite you to take a Sacred Journey to my May 5, 2018 Spiritualution Concert. You don't have to get religious. Just be kind. Together we will pray for the coming of The Promised One with souls from all religious backgrounds. That's what this gathering is all about. Praying together for the only answer to a better world, a Divine takeover."


Spiritual Leader & Founder of Global Change Music


  • Before the Gathering begins, join in a Prayer Walk traveling 6.06 miles to the concert venue at Camp Avalon
  • Beginning 8:30am on May 5 and arriving at Camp Avalon at 11:11am
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  • RSVP: info @ globalchange.media or 520-398-2542 or contact us

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Spiritualution—Justice to the People! A Spiritual Revolution!

TaliasVan began the Spiritualution—Justice to the People! Movement to inspire and influence millions to come out of the system of greed and organized and antiquated religions, to join communities, and grow their own food near a good water source. TaliasVan believes the prophecies of the Hopis, Mayans, Nostradamus, and the Book of Revelation are currently coming to pass, as evidenced by the modern age's drastic climate changes and increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters. This Gathering is, in part, a uniting of those who are aware of "the signs of the times" and understand the importance of coming together in spiritual unity.

Photo: Chicago, Illinois. Occupy Gathering.

Music of the Future for Minds of the Future™

The Spiritualution Gathering is a CosmoPop® Experience featuring Global Change Music band VansGuard headlining for master musician TaliasVan and his 12-piece Bright & Morning Star Band, performing on stage Saturday, May 5!

"Sooner or later, these concealed truths of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all mankind."

The Urantia Book, (194:2.8)

Participants from all cultures, religions, and walks of life will Gather in recognition of the life-giving and world-changing power of spiritual unity. Join in the convergence of kindred spirits and cosmic family as we come together in celebration for the return of the Promised One to this planet. The era of grief that has stricken the planet in the form of natural disasters, social injustice, and corporate servitude will be swept away by the return of the Promised One, who will usher in a new era of light and life on this planet.

Registration is now open for tent, hammock, and vehicle camping during the Gathering!

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